~100 people who are spending 15 minutes a day, 5 days per week, meditating on their bibles and praying.~

We praise You, God, for. . .

  • Your Word, Your sufficiency, and your compassion. 
  • the opportunity and privilege to resume Phase 1 in person worship next Sunday, 9/27. 

We pray for . . .

  • us to be a people of the Book, free from the love of money, and a servant to the vulnerable.        
  • protection for those returning to in person school, work, and church.      
  • us to manifest Christ and make disciples in our homes.    
  • Your healing, protection and direction for those experiencing disease, strife, or loss of job.   
  • revival (love Jesus more than life) and for us to be a praying church. 
  • wisdom for the nominations committee as they nominate deacons and elders.    
  • evangelism and discipleship in our English and youth ministries. 
  • growth in our young adult ministry. 
  • wisdom as the church and missions committee budget for 2021. 

English Worship Service

11am-12:15pm, September 20, 2020


God So Loved


 Wait for you

How Great is Our God

Graet are You Lord


“Staying Strong in the Lord”

Hebrews 11:1-6

Pastor Doug Lew





Closing Prayer

Manifest Christ…For His Glory   Make Disciples…Life-on-Life


  • Next Sunday’s message will be by Pastor Wai, Judges 19–21.
  • Our in-person worship services will resume next Sunday, 9/27, with a limit of 50 people.  Please refer to the website for registration and protocol.
  • Our prayer meeting will be next Wednesday, 9/23, 8-9pm, zoom link on homepage.
  • In-person Friday Focus youth group will resume next Friday, 10/2.  All youth activities will remain virtual for the month of September.  Re-opening details to come.
  • Youth small groups will meet online on September 23 for JH/HS Small Group, 7:30pm and 8:30 pm respectively, and September 25 ,7:30-9pm, for Focus Large Group.
  • All missional community groups are meeting online. Contact your leader for specific meeting times or visit our website.
  • Go to crossroadsguide.org to share and receive information on employment opportunities.
  • Visit here for Kids Church and Kids Ministry resources.
  • Giving options can be found online.