~100 people who are spending 15 minutes a day, 5 days per week,

meditating on their bibles and praying.~

Praise God for. . .

  • Jesus who is the answer and gives the answer to enemy traps.

Pray for . . .

  • us to ask God for divine, winning wisdom when we face enemy traps.
  • us to abide by human and heavenly authorities.
  • us to be a disciple-making and praying church, in the midst of the coronavirus.
  • God’s provision of a new youth minister.
  • community and mission in our missional community groups (MCGs) and life groups (LGs), to multiply and reach our communities even now.
  • God’s direction and vision for outreach as an English ministry and church.
  • God to raise up people to serve on the A/V and music teams.


  • Next Sunday’s message is from Mark 12: 28 – 37 by Pastor Wai.  Worship services will be live-streamed. Check katyccc.org for details.
  • All missional community groups and FOCUS small groups will meet online. Contact your leader for specific meeting times.
  • College missional community groups are starting this week. Contact Eve Wang or James Wang for more details.