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Welcome to Focus Youth! We hope to be a Christ-loving and Christ-reflecting community of faith marked by authenticity, love, and action. We are a youth group that loves the lost, the wayward, the struggling and suffering, and the sinner, because we ourselves are sinners who often wander, struggle, and stumble. Our only hope that we have is Christ, who gives grace to those who do not deserve it, loves those who are oftentimes un-lovely, and saves those who are unworthy. That’s us. A family not of flesh and blood, but of Spirit. A community centered around this Jesus who we confess as Lord.

Wednesday Devotional

Wednesday Devotional is our online gathering through Zoom. We hope to give students an opportunity to connect and meet, to share in their victories and their struggles, and to grow together in their relationships with both each other and with God.

Wednesdays at 7:30 on Zoom.

Friday Focus Large Group

Focus is our weekly all-youth gathering that connects middle school students, high school students, and adult mentors as one body. Together, we grow deeper in our community through playing games, teaching biblical truths and the Gospel message, sharing lives, and spending time with one another.

Fridays at 7:30pm in Room 004.

Sunday Bible Study

We believe that studying the Bible, learning theology, and applying that knowledge to our lives is key to our spiritual health.  It is our hope that our students can grow in their understanding and knowledge of biblical truth, and we hope that all can join us!  Classes are separated based on age/grade and are led by adult leaders.

Sundays beginning at 9:15am at KCCC.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus who grow together in truth, love, and depth and are sent out to glorify God in their homes, communities, and world.

OUR vision

We aim to do this through building intentional and intimate relationships centered on our shared love of Christ and shared commitment to our mission, through the clear preaching and teaching of biblical truth, and through being living examples of the transformative power of the Gospel


The start of our mission is to be multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ. Everything we do flows from this core motivation – to follow Jesus as our Lord and Savior and to lead others to follow him.


We strive to build deep, lasting, meaningful, and vibrant relationships with God and with others. We seek to grow deeper in our understanding of what is true and be equipped for the sake of ministry, never complacent or content with a surface level faith.


Our mission is not limited to the walls of the church. Instead, our mission is to be intentionally sent out into our homes, schools, clubs, friend groups, and work-places as ambassadors of Christ.

Want to be a part of what God is doing with KCCC Youth?

Whether you’re a young adult looking to serve and use your gifts, a parent looking to invest and be more involved, or a student trying to grow and put into practice leadership in your daily life, there are amazing opportunities for you to be a part of our ministry!

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Katy Christian Community Church

24747 Roesner Road

Katy, TX, 77494

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Robert Liu

(832) 427-0045

Office Hours

M-F: 10am – 4:30pm

Sun: 9am – 2pm